This is one of my favorite Christmas presents:

bonsai 002

Giving someone a Bonsai tree is like saying “stare at this for years.” Yeah, it looks a little sparse right now, but it’ll grow, so I’m told. I spent most of the morning trying to find a good window so that it will get the required “4 to 6” hours of sunlight a day. This means I spent most of the morning running around the apartment with a miniature tree in my hand like a crazed Martha Stewart trying to match a color swatch.

Anyway, it was looking a little droopy so I kind of panicked and read a bunch of stuff about Bonsai trees, and ended up watering it and putting it in the sun. I’m not sure I should be in charge of a tree, I am merely an amateur arbortarian, and this is my first foray into arbortarianism. I’m convinced if you know the latin word for anything, you can just make up words that sound right and no one can tell you that you’re wrong. Actually they can tell you but screw them it’s Latin and Latin makes everything arbitrarily correct. (QED).

Anyway, (how many paragraphs can I start with anyway… anyway?) that is a picture of it, it is a “Brazillian Raintree” or some such silly name. I’m not sure what a “raintree” is, but I know where Brazil is, so I know SOMETHING about it. I suppose I’ll take pictures as it grows, and I pretend to know how to prune it. If it dies… well… I’ll probably buy a new one and pretend nothing happened.

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