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These books have become manuals for our shopping and eating out. In a few words: They are awesome! They are made for regular people who shop brand name at the grocery store or eat out occasionally. Josh bought “Eat This Not That!: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution!”, by David Zinczenko, a few weeks ago. It is chock-full of popular chain restaurants like Subway and menu “decoders” for everything from Italian to Chinese restaurants. We don’t eat out often, but when we do now we know exactly what to avoid. I added some pictures on the flickroll of our favorite pages, like Outback Steakhouse, and Josh’s new found pick, Smoothie King.

Today we were in Barnes and Noble and stumbled across another version called “Eat This Not That!: Supermarket Survival Guide”. It includes everything from packaged goods like ramen and macaroni and cheese, to candy bars like Reese’s. Its perfect for people who try to eat healthy, stick to a budget, and go to a regular grocery store (not for people who can afford to shop at Whole Foods). It includes brand names that people recognize like Uncle Ben’s rice and Jell-O brand pudding. We are so excited about the supermarket guide that we are planning on making a brand name friendly shopping list tonight for our Sunday shopping tomorrow. Writing down “tuna” and “pasta” on our grocery list will be fine once we know what brands to choose from.

I don’t mean to be gushing over a healthy food guide, but it really is a great look at what we buy. It’s not geared toward any specific diet by only picking out lower-calorie items or fat-free products. It gives you great hints on why one is better for you than the other. A great example is the recommendation to buy Polander All Fruit Spread, Apricot (40 cals, 0g fat, 8g sugar) over Smuckers Organic Apricot Preserves (50 cals, 0g fat, 12g sugar). Look at the nutritional value difference! Not much! But guess what, the main ingredient in Smucker’s organic preserves is organic sugar, which spikes your blood sugar just as quickly as a regular non-organic sugar! It reminds you about “common-sense” buying that we overlook or forget so that we can buy a brand we’re used to. Example: A good rule to follow is to buy only fruit spreads that have real fruit as the first ingredient. Skip the stuff with unpronounceable chemicals! Duh, right?

I would definitely recommend the “Eat This Not That!” series to anyone who is looking to eat healthier or cut down on calories without killing yourself (and your wallet) by thinking you have to shop at organic, gluten-free, vegan, very pricey food-marts (not that there is anything wrong with people who can afford to).

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    Mom said,

    Very interesting stuff. Nothing like spending an exciting Saturday night making a list for the grocery store!!!!

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    Fi said,

    very popular library books

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