Eating Healthy

So we did our shopping on Sunday and the result was awesome. Below are pictures of sandwiches we made and other items we bought that are really going to improve our diet!
Everyday 017

The first sandwich I made after the shopping trip! It has roast beef, pastrami, swiss cheese, mustard greens, whole grain grainy mustard, roasted garlic hummus, pickles, tapenade, all on whole wheat whole grain bread! With a side of carrots, total calories: 400, fat: 14 g.

Everyday 019

Josh’s first sandwich! Smoked salmon, avocado, tomatos, red onion, hummus and goat cheese! Deliciiiiiiiiiious!

Check out the flickroll for a few more pics! Including a few of our pantry and fridge that now include Quinoa, Kidney beans, Artichoke Hearts, Kraft Mayo with Olive Oil (half the fat and calories!!) fresh produce like Spinach, Squash, Ginger root, Leeks, and Pears!

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    Mom said,

    Do I see a Navy coaster under that cup?

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