Second Half

I have a huge exam tomorrow morning at 7 am.  I feel pretty prepared (read: unprepared) for it, which is always scary.  It’s not my best subject, so I’m kind of freaking out.  Luckily, the best way to deal with freaking out is to read about stuff I like.  Hence the subject of tonight’s post:  Conspiracy Theories I Like Reading About. I love reading about conspiracy theories for a simple reason: there are people out there worrying about dumber stuff than I am.

The Battle of Los Angeles


Back in WWII, like three months after Pearl Harbor.  Some UFO appeared over Los Angeles, and we (The US Military) shot at it.  Apparently 1400 rounds were fired as the object(s?) flew from Santa Monica to Long Beach.  Three civilians were killed.  A lot of people think it was a group of UFO’s.  I just think it’s friggin weird.


Many people believe that when the world will be taken over by a New World Government, it will begin at their super-secret staging ground, called only the DIA: The Denver International Airport.  If you read up on it, the nuts go on and on about secret huge underground bases for human processing, the murals (which I do admit are WEIRD) which are supposed to depict the New World Government taking over or some weird stuff.  I think aliens are involved, aliens that eat children and nazi’s and moon people and stuff.

Yes, I’m serious, people think the Denver International Airport is a secret staging ground for aliens.  I’d use somewhere else as a hub.  But, I will admit that this statue is CRAZY:



So that’s how I’ve been destressing.  By reading crazy conspiracy theories about airports.  In other news, school sucks, the dogs are cute, I’m trying to go to the gym pretty often, and I hope to God I don’t go crazy as classes continue to get more difficult.

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    Mom said,

    I think we should stay away from the Denver airport. I personally believe all theories!!!!!!! LOL!!!! 🙂 We better watch out!!!!!!! :0

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