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The Big Bang Theory – Drinking Game

Anytime Raj drinks, you drink
1 Drink – “We Built the Pyramids”
1 Drink – Sheldon says something grossly inappropriate
1 Drink – Jewish joke
1 Drink – Raj stops talking when a woman appears
(or) 1 Drink per whisper when he can’t talk
1 Drink – The gang gets take-out food
1 Drink – Penny says “Sweetie”
1 Drink – Bernadette says “Howie”
1 Drink – Leonard gets put down
1 Drink – Something goes over Penny’s head
1 Drink – Wolowitz says a pickup line
1 Drink – Anyone references Wolowitz not having a doctorate
(or) Anyone treats Wolowitz like an idiot for not having a doctorate
2 Drinks – The Roommate Rules
2 Drinks – Sheldon has a facial tick
2 Drinks – “Bazinga!”
2 Drinks – Sheldon misunderstands sarcasm
2 Drinks – Bernadette gets mad or sounds like Howard’s mother
2 Drinks – The check engine light
2 Drinks – Amy shows “love” for Penny
2 Drinks – Amy acts feminine or like a girlfriend
3 Drinks – Cheesecake Factory
3 Drinks – Anyone says “Here we go” to Sheldon’s rants
3 Drinks – Anyone’s parents
3 Drinks – Celebrity cameo
The knock – 1 drink per 3 knocks
Continuous drink – Anyone sings “soft kitty” – (Start drinking when someone starts singing soft kitty and keep sipping until the song is over!)

Updated 2012 to include newer seasons!

Just for clarification, also so no one actually dies trying this game, a “drink” is meant to be a decent sip or gulp of either a beer or a mixed drink. We highly suggest to knock the amount of drinks down if you’re playing with shots of liquor!

Please drink responsibly!

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New Years Eve in Charleston

We weren’t sure what we were going to do for New Years since we don’t know Charleston very well and Josh’s Navy friends were all out of town. So we called up a friend we met a few months ago that we hadn’t seen in a while, Michael! He said that he was going downtown with some of his friends and said we should meet up! So we did. After calling for a cab and waiting about an hour for it to get here, we headed down to Wild Wings Cafe on North Market St. It was pretty cold out so I finally got to wear my pea coat! Before we left Josh had suggested getting cash but I insisted that we’d be fine with just cards. So we got out of the cab at Wild Wings and went to the door and there was a $5 cover. No big deal! Except.. no cash. Har har fine, you were right Josh. So we trotted down to the nearest ATM in the very cold weather to grab some cash. Finally got back and went in and found our friends at a table. From then on the night was very fun and eventful! We kind of relaxed, had a few drinks and chatted, then once we all had a few in us really started enjoying the night! I asked our server for some party favors and he hooked us up with some hats and “serpentine” streamers. At first we had NO idea what to do with them, but eventually we figured them out! The night was full of beer, car bombs, jager bombs, and champagne! I was really grateful to Michael and his friends for having us there with them! It was a great time! We hope you enjoy the pictures on the flickroll. Also, check out the video of Josh here trying to take a picture of us before we left, but alas the camera was set to video. Check out his face at 0:03! Haha 🙂

Happy New Year 2009!

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