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Chuck drinking game

Anyone else love the TV show “Chuck”? About the lovable nerd who gets a bunch of government secrets embedded into his brain and has to help the CIA and NSA on a bunch of missions?

Well we do, and here’s our drinking game to the show:

1 drink – Anyone says “Chuck” (“Charles” does not count!)

1 drink – Anyone says “Morgan” (“Chucks little bearded friend” does not count!)

1 drink – Anyone says “intersect”

1 drink – Chuck flashes on information in the intersect

1 drink – You see the inside of the Buy More

2 drinks – You see the outside of the Buy More (specifically the sign or front of the building aka. not the parking lot)

2 drinks – Slow-mo scene (fight scenes, Sarah looking hot, etc)

2 drinks – An explosion (in a flash or in real life)

2 drinks – Someone says “National Security Emergency”

3 drinks – Whenever Chuck ignores orders (to stay in the car, etc)

3 drinks – Awkward Sarah and Chuck moment

4 drinks – Someone mentions “Large Mart”

4 drinks – Captain Awesome says “Awesome”

5 drinks – Bryce Larkin comes up or shows up

6 drinks – Casey shows emotions (aka has trouble thinking about killing Chuck)

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The Big Bang Theory – Drinking Game

Anytime Raj drinks, you drink
1 Drink – “We Built the Pyramids”
1 Drink – Sheldon says something grossly inappropriate
1 Drink – Jewish joke
1 Drink – Raj stops talking when a woman appears
(or) 1 Drink per whisper when he can’t talk
1 Drink – The gang gets take-out food
1 Drink – Penny says “Sweetie”
1 Drink – Bernadette says “Howie”
1 Drink – Leonard gets put down
1 Drink – Something goes over Penny’s head
1 Drink – Wolowitz says a pickup line
1 Drink – Anyone references Wolowitz not having a doctorate
(or) Anyone treats Wolowitz like an idiot for not having a doctorate
2 Drinks – The Roommate Rules
2 Drinks – Sheldon has a facial tick
2 Drinks – “Bazinga!”
2 Drinks – Sheldon misunderstands sarcasm
2 Drinks – Bernadette gets mad or sounds like Howard’s mother
2 Drinks – The check engine light
2 Drinks – Amy shows “love” for Penny
2 Drinks – Amy acts feminine or like a girlfriend
3 Drinks – Cheesecake Factory
3 Drinks – Anyone says “Here we go” to Sheldon’s rants
3 Drinks – Anyone’s parents
3 Drinks – Celebrity cameo
The knock – 1 drink per 3 knocks
Continuous drink – Anyone sings “soft kitty” – (Start drinking when someone starts singing soft kitty and keep sipping until the song is over!)

Updated 2012 to include newer seasons!

Just for clarification, also so no one actually dies trying this game, a “drink” is meant to be a decent sip or gulp of either a beer or a mixed drink. We highly suggest to knock the amount of drinks down if you’re playing with shots of liquor!

Please drink responsibly!

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Mustaches are horrible, horrible things.

A tradition among power school students is to start growing a mustache at the 4400 point mark. This is the point where a person only needs to pass the final exam (Comp) to pass power school by reaching the required 5000 points. I passed that mark last week, and I haven’t shaved my upper lip since. My face is itchy and I want to shave it off, because I look ridiculous. But, I must remain strong and see it through; you are allowed to shave it after you have passed Comp.

We have 3 more finals before that exam, the hardest is this Friday. I’m definitely not looking forward to it, nor the study hours I’m going to be putting in the next two days. I’m home to work out a little today, and then heading back to school, something I’m definitely not looking forward to.

Other than that, I haven’t been up to much, aside from moving and all the craziness related to that. It’s been stressful, but has actually relieved a lot of stress for me in some ways. I’m enjoying our new place, and overall I’m totally glad we moved.

Sorry I haven’t updated more often, I promise to make an effort to remind myself to write at least a little something here every once and a while.

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Josh Hula Hooping on Wii Fit

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Occasional Pick-me-up

With all the stress everyone deals with these days, everyone needs the occasional pick-me-up. My most recent choice is “The Whistling Puppy”. Check it out:

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Pattisons Academy Spin Fund Raiser

Josh and I are going to participate in a 4-hour spin and fund raising marathon at our gym (Eco Fitness) on March 7. All money raised will be donated to the Pattison’s Academy. They are a rehabilitation meets education organization for children with severe and multiple disabilities.
We are looking to our friends and family to help us reach (and hopefully exceed) our goal.
We have set our goal at $150 each. We encourage everyone, even if it’s just $5, to donate to this cause.

All donations for our ride can be sent through PayPal using the button on the right.
If you don’t have PayPal, don’t worry. You can still use the donate button. Just scroll down and under “Don’t Have a PayPal Account?” click the Continue button to use a credit card or bank account.

To make it more interesting for you, Josh and I will email you some exclusive images (and maybe a video!) after the ride.

Here is a video of last year’s fund raiser at Eco:
Pedal for the Petal Ride 2008

To learn more about Pattisons Academy check out their website:

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Josh was folding the laundry on the bed and Boomer insisted on helping. There’s just one problem, Boomer makes a terrible table.

Everyday 100

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