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Going shooting… Strangely similar to bowling.

I know I know I know. This post is late and overdue. But! Its here, finally.

Josh and I went to a shooting range with some Navy buddies. We both shot some cool but scary rifles, fun handguns, and watched one of our friends shoot an insanely powerful revolver that could take down an ELEPHANT.

We were invited by Nick and Juan, two cool guys in Josh’s class. It was up in Summerville, which is about 25 minutes away from our place. We had been drinking the night before so we stopped to get some coffee and a sandwich from Dunkin Donuts on the way. We eventually got there, found our friends, and registered ourselves to be able to shoot. Also, the range was across the street from a roller rink. With skating, and music, and doing the hokey-pokey on roller-skates. Like where they have kids birthday parties. Anyway, it was interesting because you basically rent a lane… just like when you go bowling. You even rent guns, just like how you rent shoes… when you go bowling. One of the other guys who was there brought his own guns, kind of like people who bring their own shoes or balls… when they go bowling. The only thing that was really unlike bowling, is there’s no “scoring” system. You just kind of say “Hey I’m going to aim for that groundhog’s face” and keep an eye out for new holes in the target.

It took us a while to get used to how to aim correctly and start actually hitting targets. I didn’t hit much until I got a tutorial on better aiming and using the “sights”. After that, I got a couple really good shots (and a few stray ones)! In the beginning I would aim for the targets head and hit the bottom of the left arm. After Nick gave me the run-down, I started hitting the shoulder area. Then, right before we left, I hit a handful right in his neck! Take that Paper Silhouette Target Guy!

Josh took a long time to get himself situated with each gun. Example: I was trying to get a video of Josh shooting one of the bigger rifles we shot. I would start the video, then wait 20 seconds, then stop it so you didn’t have to wait so long to see him shoot it. Start another video, wait 20 seconds, start over. It took me doing this 8 times to finally get a video of him shooting the thing! It’s a cool video though! You can check it out on our Flickroll.

The trip was pretty interesting all together. The people that were at the range were… Southern? Is that the way I should put that? You know, a bunch of guys wearing plaid jackets, bringing in their own guns, chewing tobacco, and talking about the hot chick at the strip club the other night. There was one Dad who was there with his 8 year old son, who was in a wheelchair, who was wearing a “Buck Fush” shirt. The kid was like “Dad, can we shoot the revolver today?”. I was in shock.

Side note: I will never own a gun.

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